Solarize Your Home or Business!
Solarize Your Home or Business!

RREA is a proud partner of Secure Futures, providing no-cost solar for schools, universities, churches, local government, hospitals, and non-profits.  Find out how - contact us today!

Welcome to SolarizeRVA

How It Works


SolarizeRVA is a program of the Richmond Region Energy Alliance (RREA), a local energy efficiency nonprofit. By working together as a community, we're making solar easier and more affordable than ever.


We've lined up the equipment, prequalified the installer, negotiated the pricing, and set up a financing option. Solar is no longer a thing of the future – it makes sense right here, right now. Find out more about how we're making solar simple. 


Solarize 2017 Programs


Are you curious if solar is right for your home?  As a SolarizeRVA client, you will receive a free home energy assessment alongside your free solar assessment.  As your nonprofit energy advisor, we want to see you invest in the right mix of energy upgrades that benefit both your home and your wallet.


Now is the time to explore solar power for your business AND match it with some cost-effective energy efficiency improvements.  Investing in your company's energy use starts saving you money immediately and can be an excellent marketing tool for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Henrico Commercial Installation 2015

SolarizeRVA Commended By City Council!

On May 26, 2015, SolarizeRVA won an award from the Richmond City Council, commending the Richmond Region Energy Alliance and its SolarizeRVA program for the public service it provides in environmental benefits and energy cost savings. We're so pleased! Thank you to Councilman Hilbert for this nomination and to the entire Richmond City Council for its support.

SolarizeRVA is a program coordinated by the Richmond Region Energy Alliance (RREA), a community service nonprofit focused on home energy performance. Learn more about RREA here.

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