Solarize Your Home or Business!
Solarize Your Home or Business!

Home Energy Evaluation by RREA


As your non-profit home energy partner, we want to help you make your home more healthy and efficient.  Let us identify the most cost-effective and necessary steps to achieve that!  Sign-up today for a Home Energy Assessment.

The assessment is a 1-hour top-to-bottom visual inspection of your home's energy use that includes an investigation of your attic, living space, and basement/crawlspace.  We check insulation levels, identify air leakage spots, and inspect ductwork.  We will also make recommendations around lighting, electronics, and appliances that can help lower your bill.  We offer referrals to our list of pre-qualified contractors as needed.  All assessments are conducted by a certified Building Analyst.  


We ask for a $40 donation for the assessment if you are in a position to contribute.


Let us know if we can access the attic and basement and/or crawlspace, and if a ladder is needed for the attic. Please have a recent Dominion bill handy, as well as any winter bills if you use oil or natural gas for heating.


To schedule an assessment, please fill out the form below.  At this time, we are unfortunately only able to serve clients who live within a 30 minute drive from our office at 88 Carnation Street, Richmond, VA 23225.


Thank you, and we look forward to helping you make your home more energy efficient!

If our form isn't loading on your device, please click on the following link: 


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